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The church membership is solely online and opened to all, just as Christ’s salvation is available to all. However, we occasionally organise massive gathering in countries. In Christ we are one body, we pray for ourselves and for both believers and unbelievers with the hope and believe that we shall meet with Christ in a massive congregation after this earthly journey. We shall also congregate in one country someday but before then surrender your soul to God through the church. This gives one hope after death, we believe this is a transitional world and our souls will get together with Christ after our earthly existence. We believe that the passage to the next world is through death and the fear mustn’t grip Christians, as demonstrated by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ through resurrection. We believe that our earthly body is fated to suffering, torture, poverty, sickness, diseases etc all because the earth and the universe are full of bad spirits who delight in our pain and death (Job 2:3-6). We believe that all the pains and suffering in this world is orchestrated by Satan because God has no delight to subject man to suffering and pain. We believe that these pains and suffering are temporal as we are in a transitional world. We also believe that God in his wisdom granted man immense knowledge to counter every activity of the Devil. 

Finally we believe that in the event of Satan bedevilling our body with pain and suffering, he cannot touch our souls for God has a prepared place for our souls. The envy of man by the devil is revealed in the Adam and Eve episode but God in his mercy and provision has a place for his children after this earthly sojourn for all saved souls. Please stay blessed.

Christ Welfare Church humbly invite you for more spiritual exposés. We implore you to join us so that your last prayer on earth shall be “God, unto thy merciful hand, I commit my spirit” as Jesus said when he was dying in human form. In the event of your inability to say this prayer, the church shall be there to intercede on your behalf. To be part of this online Global Ministry please go to “Contact Us” section on the webpage for membership details and further correspondence. Through these spiritual teachings, God in his mercy and grace shall make you a new creature, and get rid of the fear of death in you and replace it with faith in post-death transition in these challenging times”. Please turn over the leaf for the membership form. God bless you as you fill the membership form.

Christ Welfare Church