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God is a Spirit. He is Omnipotent and Omnipresent. He can appear as a human or as a spirit. He can change to anything at any point in time depending on the exigencies. In terms of size, he can appear as a huge human being or small human being, he changes at will. Spiritually, he can manifest as anything through his creation eg. Wind, Sea, Sun, Moon, Tree etc.
It explains why over the years our forefathers sometimes worship any of these things all because they see God’s manifestation in them. But God doesn’t dwell in any of these things, however, they see God’s revelation in them hence the worship. He is a metaphorical God, ever-loving, full of mercy and grace, not created but came into existence in spirit and in terms of purity as white as snow. He is the head of all spirits in the universe and the world came into existence through Him. Spirits are generally not created, it means there were other spirits apart from the Almighty Spirit, but all spirits succumb to him in terms of power and might, he is the first spirit, the King of all Spirits, the spirit of light.
There is no ambiguity that God doesn’t exist. That is not to say that everybody believes in the existence of God. Realistically, atheists and many others don’t believe in the existence of God because it has not been proven to them. This article attempts to explain to the atheist and those who have challenges in believing the existence of God that truly God exist. The devil and other spirits also exist and the Bible and other religious books are all true books despite alleged or proven inconsistencies by some theologians and academicians. The Bible and other religious books were put together through divine inspiration and human beings were used as conduit hence the issue of differences in the accounts. Nonetheless any omission or commission in the books do not nullify the objective, message and the content thereof.
Analytically, the atheist, some scientist and academicians may have challenges in God’s existence because they might have received anecdotal evidence but not scientific or empirical evidence. But this divine presentation dwells on physical evidence that God exist and occupies the highest position in the spiritual realm.
Devine inspiration has been proven to me physically, including the nature of God. In fact, my personal account on the issue of the existence of God are not scriptural, theoretical or empirical but physical.
Growing up life wasn’t easy because I lost my father at an early age. I remembered very well that at the age of nineteen (19) in the seventies two friends visited me during one school vacation. We decided to take a stroll to visit another friend, as we were hungry and wanted money to buy food. My friends were not having any money in their pocked but I was having the equivalent of three (3) pence in my pocket. On our way to another friend’s house, we met one of my school mate who also begged me for money as he was totally penniless and needed my help urgently. Though uncomfortable, as we were also visiting a friend for a similar assistance, I gave the last three pence on me to him and my friends accused me bitterly of being insensitive to our plight because we were also in dire need of money to buy food. My response was that “God in his mercy can surprise us instantly with money so they shouldn’t worry”. Lo and behold, I took nine (9) pence from the ground just by the next step. My friends never believed me concerning this money I took from the ground, concluding that I intentionally put the money there and I was having money on me. Even though I explained myself to them that I can’t lie, they never believed me because it was too instant. This miracle happened instantly. This is the God I am referring to, the great and instant provider. We can’t see him physically but he is with us all the time throughout the ages. To speak, Christ Welfare Church came into existence because of this miracle proving that God exists and he cares. We need to help one another in any way we can, because that is the nature of God and this is a passing world. In fact, the greatest virtue in this world is to exhibit inner love to our brothers as Jesus put it “Love is the greatest virtue” Ref; The parable of the rich man. Brethren, there are other instances where spirits have spoken to me physically and these sayings come to pass proving that God exist and there are other spirits around us but we can’t see them. Even though, we see this world as physical, it’s a spiritual world because the spirits outnumber the people in the world and God is the most powerful of all the spirits. 

Bible ref: (Gen 1:26-30)
(Psalm 8:5)


(Gen 1:26-30) The Love of God to mankind was demonstrated at creation as the Bible, put it “God created man in his own image”. To create an individual as one’s own image depict the immeasurable love of God. In the Genesis account, God blessed mankind to have total dominion and to subdue the entire creation. The Psalmist explained further of this deep, love of God to mankind “Who is man that God has blessed so much than the angels"? (Psalm 8:5).