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The Kingdom of Satan

Satan or Lucifer 

Satan or Lucifer is the head of the Satanic Kingdom just as God is the head of the Kingdom of God or the Godly Kingdom. There is no scripture which indicates that God created the devil. All that God created were good and perfect. Even though in the book of Ezekiel (Ezekiel 28:15) the Prince or the King of Tyre and Babylon was used as a metaphor to describe Lucifer, the expositions cannot be attributed to the real Lucifer.
Lucifer came into existence as a spirit just as God came into existence as a spirit. But whereas God’s nature and deeds are white as snow, that of Lucifer is as dark as charcoal. The Holy Bible states clearly from Genesis to Revelation that God is the architect of the universe and he undertook this universe project with the other Godly spirits, Lucifer and his angels or spirits also undertook a similar project of destroying the good work of God. Genesis explained it clearly at the commencement of creation “Let’s make man in our own image” (Genesis 1: 6). This leadership thought was expressed by God to the other godly spirits; hence creation was generally not undertaking by God alone. The true nature of Satan and his introduction to the scriptures were revealed in the Garden of Eden, when he tempted Adam and Eve. During creation, there was no mention of Satan, the first time his name was mentioned was during the encounter with Adam and Eve by which time God has finished creation. There are some spirits God didn’t create. “Let us make man in our own image”. “Let us” simply point to the fact that, there were some spirits with God who were not created by God. Analytically, one of the spirits which God did not create was Satan as already established. 

The plot from the devil

If one follows up the narratives of Genesis (Genesis 1, 2). God and other good spirits started creation up to the 5th day and man was created on the 6th day by which time God was about to end creation. On the 6th day God said “Let us make man in our own image after our likeness”. The Devil came into the picture in chapter 3 of Genesis through the serpent. This clearly reveals the nature of Satan as a spirit. Serpent was spiritually possessed to tempt Eve. The Devil was successful with his plot, making Adam and Eve sinners, contrary to God’s intention. God’s onerous objective was to make man a complete replica of his image, particularly to be sinless. Relatively, Satan’s objective was to destroy every work of God, to rebel against Gods initiatives and goodwill. Satan continued to destroy the works of God and he succeeded in possessing Cain to kill Abel, the children of Adam and Eve. The story continuous of how the spirit of killing, wickedness, suffering, pain, poverty etc entered the earth.

The mission of satan

The world calamities are from Satan and his mission is to inflict pain and to destroy. In fact, it wasn’t God’s intention to subject man to suffering. Remember with good motives, he created man like his own image to enjoy from his labour and possess the earth, (Genesis 1:26-31). Satan continued his business of destroying the good work of God by tempting, (Job 2:4-6). Had it not been God who warned Satan not to touch the soul of Job, Satan would have killed Job after subjecting him to sickness, suffering, pain and poverty. These are the exhibits and evidences of satanic power and works. (Job 5:7) “Man is born into trouble…”, (Job 2:2) Satan is always hovering and pasturing to subject man to pain, suffering and death, Mankind is his prey.