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It is axiom that one’s soul will leave this body to the next world. We must therefore embrace death and perceive this world as transitional world. Humankind is on this earth because we are part of God’s creation, to manifest God’s divine love of creativity, to prove to all and other spirits that he is the chief architect, the Alpha and the Omega. That divine display of discovery and invention in man is an extension of God’s work, proving to the other spirits including Satan or Lucifer that God is really the King of the Universe. Man is in this world to add to God’s work in creation. “Let’s create man in our own image”. Man is simply to continue the work of God through creation, discoveries and inventions. One of the major differences between the power of God and that of Lucifer is that, the Power of God creates and by extension human beings create, invent and discover, Lucifer cannot create. Lucifer can only dwell in what God has created to manifest his power. Lucifer doesn’t have the gift of creation but man has. “Who is man that God has bestowed on him full blessings more than the angels”? (Psalm 8:5).


Christ Welfare Church 

Christ Welfare Church humbly invite you for more spiritual exposés. We implore you to join us so that your last prayer on earth shall be “God, unto thy merciful hand, I commit my spirit” as Jesus said when he was dying in human form. In the event of your inability to say this prayer, the church shall be there to intercede on your behalf. To be part of this online Global Ministry please go to “Contact Us” section on the webpage for membership details and further correspondence. Through these spiritual teachings, God in his mercy and grace shall make you a new creature, and get rid of the fear of death in you and replace it with faith in post-death transition in these challenging times”. God bless you as you fill the membership form.