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Anecdotal and Empirical Evidence

Both anecdotal and empirical evidence from academicians, scientist and theologians have not been able to establish what was in existence before the universe came into being. To the scientist, the Big Bang is perhaps the most reliable theory in respect of creation and relatively the subject of evolution of man remains a mystery.

From the analysis of most scientists, academicians and religious scholars who believe in the Big Bang theory, the huge question which cannot go unanswered was what was in existence before the Big Bang? And to those religious scholars and theologians who believe in the Scriptures, the huge question is what was in existence before God commenced creation. In other words, whether one believes in either the concept of the Big Bang or that of the Scriptures which ascribes creation to God, the major question is what was in existence before creation or the Big Bang?

My studies of familiar spirits and divine revelations circle this square in this evolution puzzle. Divinely, before the Big Bang or Creation by God, the entire universe was a vacuum occupied by spirits. Jesus Christ, though seen physically did not mince words when the Jews confronted him about he being older than their ancestor Abraham, Jesus responded “Before Abraham was I am” (John 8:58). Creatively, spirits are not made, they come into being by divine. In fact, the spirits in the universe outnumber the people on earth. These spirits cannot be seen or touched by human beings but they can see human beings and all things in creation. They have metaphorical bodies similar to God and sometimes most spiritual men perceive them as God because they can perform some miracles, (Exodus 7:11 & 12). The spiritual world is like a jungle, the strongest and the most powerful spirits are feared the most and there are different types of them. Notwithstanding their power is counterfeit compared to that of God. Pharaoh’s magician’s encounter with Aaron provides better highlight. “And Aarons rod swallowed up that of Pharaoh’s magicians and sorcerers” (Exodus 7:12). Aside their metaphorical power, spirits have two major camps, the Devil’s camp and God’s camp. The Almighty God is the Supreme head of the God’s camp that is the camp of light, on the other hand, Lucifer or Satan is the head of the Evil camp that is the camp of darkness.  

Spirit of God

The spirit of the Almighty God is the king of all spirits and the bible calls it the “Spirit of God” (Gen 1: 2). He is the spirit of all good things hence creation is attributed to him and the spirit of all bad things is the “Evil Spirit”, he is the spirit of darkness or Satan, (Job 1:2). As already established, there are several good spirits apart from God and there are several bad spirits apart from Satan. Remember, these spirits are metaphorical, they can appear as human or anything. God didn’t create Satan, because spirits are not created as confirmed in the bible, (Job 1:2). “And God said unto Satan from whence cometh thou?” In this context, God’s children are distinguished from Satan, and God addressed Satan as an acquaintance. Job 2: 2 “And the lord said unto Satan, “From whence cometh thou”?
The good spirits assisted God in creation, (Genesis 1: 26) “And God said, “Let us make man in our image after our likeness”. The bad spirits are also many and one of their major duties is to destroy the good work of God. Spiritually, all evil deeds are from bad spirits. (Gen 2:4) Serpent said to the woman “Ye shall not surely die”, painting God as a liar but Satan is the head of all liars. It explains clearly that whether the universe came into being through the Big Bang or through the handiwork of God and other good spirits, the spirit of God and other good spirits remain the architect of the universe. It is true that scientifically, the Universe came into existence billion of years ago and there have been many different species of human beings and animals over the years who have come and gone, God remains the Chief architect “For one thousand years is like a day in his eyes.”